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  • ELTAX Atomic A-10.2 Active 10” subwoofer, black | Mélynyomó hangfal, hangszóró
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ELTAX Atomic A-10.2 Active 10” subwoofer black

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ELTAX Atomic A-10.2 Active 10” subwoofer black


The Atomic-A 10.2 Active 10” subwoofer by ELTAX is the perfect addition to a hi-fi/home-cinema installation. The well-known ELTAX quality, proven in many tests. For extra power in a compact tasteful housing. Easy to use with existing speaker sets.

The Atomic series of downfiring subwoofers for a powerful quality bass with the deepest and purest layer and optimized for use in a home cinema set. Modern design available in black.



ELTAX Atomic A-10.2 Active 10” subwoofer loudspeaker



The ELTAX Atomic A-10.2 Active 10” subwoofer is highly recommended by audio enthusiasts. It is a must have sound item because its appearance fits for home decoration. The ELTAX Atomic A-10.2 subwoofer has a wonderful bass sound and the overall performance is outstanding.

The Downfire System enables the ELTAX Atomic A-10.2 Active 10” subwoofer to be placed the floor. This is possible because of the very low frequency sources are difficult to our ears to localise. You can easily create a more intense bass sound because the floor would be functioning as a resonating surface.

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Item specifics:

Type: Downfire Subwoofer

Dimensions (WxDxH): 35 cm x 35 cm x 35 cm

Weight: 13,8 kg

Speakers type: Active 10”

Nominal (RMS) Output power: 175 W

Response Bandwidth: 35-170 Hz

Audio Amplifier: integrated

Connectivity Technology: Wired

Speaker System Details: Downfire Technology, subwoofer 175 W 35-170 Hz

Colour: Black

Power: AC 220 V

Line in cinch

Hi level in/out (screw terminals/banana plugs)

Automatic standby switching

Phase shift: Yes

Volume control: Yes

Crossover frequency adjustable 50-170 Hz

Power consumption: 330 Watt

Standby consumption <1 Watt

EAN code: 7636490020353


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