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PetLife Vetbed Gold professional luxury dog beds

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PetLife Vetbed Gold professional luxury dog beds


Size: Tiny, Small, Medium, Large
Colours: Grey, Burgundy, White, Charcoal


PetLife Vetbed Gold Burgundy dog bed | hond mand bordeaux | kutyaágy bordó     PetLife Vetbed Gold Red dog bed | hond mand rood | kutyaágy piros


Are You looking for one of the best pet beds for your puppy? Are you planning to buy durable, healthy and safe dog bedding? Please read on! Our offer includes one of the most famous luxury products on the international dog care and supplies market. The PetLife Vetbed Gold professional luxury dog bed available in several sizes and colours! Choose the original Choose the original and traditional luxury pet bed of British dog houses and keep your pets in safe and good health. Having healthy beds is essential for healthy pets. Why choose PetLife Vetbed Gold?


PetLife Vetbed Gold Charcoal dog bed | hond mand houtskool | kutyaágy szénfekete     PetLife Vetbed Gold Grey dog bed | hond mand grijs | kutyaágy szürke



Strong and durable dog beds


The PetLife Vetbed dog beds are designed for outstanding durability. The Vetbed Gold dog bed is guaranteed for the satisfaction of your pet. Hundreds of happy customer feedbacks approve the worth, usability and durability of PetLife Vetbed products. Excellent for both dogs and cats. The Vetbed Gold luxury dog bed is made from raw materials that have a high temperature retention capacity.


The Ultra Fresh fibers specialize: the tissue of the dog bed contain Ultra Fresh, a special, safe, non-toxic organic material that provides protection against bacterial infections. Due to their special ingredients and durability, PetLife Vetbed Gold professional luxury dog beds provide long-lasting comfort and health for your little ones.


Easy to clean


The PetLife Vetbed Gold professional luxury dog bed is easy to wash with machine. There’s nothing to worry about, the ingredients provide excellent durability, which is why the PetLife Vetbed Gold professional luxury dog bed is great value for money. Sounds great? The Vetbed Gold dog beds provide extra security for puppies with any skin allergies or other skin conditions. The antibacterial effect of Ultra Fresh fibers prevent the breakdown of dead skin. As a result, the common porcupines are destroyed, thus reducing the restlessness of your little puppy by eliminating the irritation which can be extremely disturbing for sensitive skinned pets thus providing reassurance to the Owner as well.


Multiple usability


All Vetbed dog beds are hygienic, non-irritating, non-allergenic and non-toxic. You can easily keep your pets dry, warm and cosy. Furthermore! The PetLife Vetbed Gold professional luxury dog bed is great for ensuring the comfort of your pet in any environment. Would you apply it in more than one place? Whether it’s home rooms, office space, a car, a dog house, a basket or any other means of transport, PetLife Vetbed Gold is the right choice for your dog.


PetLife Vetbed Gold Blue dog bed | hond mand blauw | kutyaágy kék     PetLife Vetbed Gold White dog bed | hond mand wit | kutyaágy fehér






PetLife is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of pet products and one of the leading distributors of first-class pet supplies. PetLife has more than fifty years of experience in producing and marketing pet care products. The PetLife Vetbed Gold dog bed can provide special care comfort for your puppy or cat.
Choose the PetLife Vetbed Gold professional luxury dog bed for a healthy, durable and special bedding.


A choice evidenced by a number of key feedbacks from the UK market and the traditional success of the brand.
Right of withdrawal: within fourteen calendar days of delivery.
Warranty: Six months
Attention! The product is an import commodity! The expected lead time is 2-3 weeks.
For more info please do not hesitate to contact us!
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