The reception of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution in the Netherlands - Part III: The impact of the “Hungarian Revolution” on the contemporary population of the Netherlands, especially in Amsterdam

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In addition to the sources of the Cold War in Europe

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The echo of the 1956 Hungarian October Revolution in the Dutch press (part two): “The Hungarian Uprising”

October and November 1956 were one of the deepest holes that the history of humanity has ever stepped. In the second half of October, diplomatic manoeuvres in the bipolar world drew the attention of the world public to two regions of the world. The international law agreements enshrined in the UN Charter were shattered into nothingness when both hemispheres of the bipolar world chose the path of military intervention. The conflicts that erupted around the 1956 Hungarian October Revolution and the nationalization of the Suez Canal stirred up people’s everyday lives and showed the contemporary value of international conventions. In addition to the arms race caused by the Cold War, the Soviet Union’s forced heavy industrialization and requisition program completely gutted the occupied states of Central and Eastern Europe. The 1950s were about deficits in the lives of all Soviet satellite republics under the Warsaw Pact. The low standard of living has led to a number of riots, demonstrations and political upheavals. The events in Potsdam, Poland provided the introduction to what happened in autumn in Hungary.

The Hungarian Revolution of 23 October 1956 in the light of contemporary Dutch dallies

One of the Hungarian national holidays is 23rd
October which is a monumental reminder to all of us about the horrors of
totalitarianism and the protracted action against total dictatorship.
Therefore, my aim is to expand the contemporary assessment of the outbreak of
the revolution by presenting an assessment of the contemporary Dutch press
releases for informational purposes without claiming completeness.


The cover of the 24 October issue of "Het Vrije Volk"


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