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  • Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E6 Bluetooth headset,  in-ear headphone (wireless sport earphone), white | Draadloze oortelefoon | Vezeték nélküli fülhallgató
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Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E6 wireless in-ear headphone

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Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E6 wireless in-ear headphone


The Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E6 wireless headset is a Bluetooth device for sports enthusiasts that provides the right and efficient solution for enjoying first class sound and making hand-free phone conversations. The cable that connects the earphones has a braided design that ensures constant uninterrupted usage even during intense exercises. Therefore the Beoplay E6 is an active and dynamic lifestyle enabler.

FAST and easy mobile call answering with the built-in microphone and remote control so the user can easily stay connected to the device.



Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E6 Bluetooth headset



The product is very light and this in-ear headphone weighs less than 30 grams. The Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E6 is unobtrusive, comfortable and high-tech. It can be used freely and safely anywhere, during any activity. The battery has a charging time of two hours which provides five hours of usage. The device can also operate from a powerbank charger.

The Beoplay E6 also has a built-in microphone and remote control, ensuring trouble-free and comfortable usage. Remote control functions: telephone call handling, volume control, music player control. It can also be worn around the neck with the magnetic cover of the earphones. The headset stops automatically if the magnetic surfaces come in contact.

The BeoPlay App function stores pre-set profiles that make it easier to use and manage the device.

The Bluetooth 4.2 aptX technology and the AAC codec guarantee seamless and crystal clear sound.

Compatible with Apple smart products, the Tone Touch feature provides a great solution for music setup.

Three sizes of silicone earplugs (small / medium / large).

Dust and splash-proof cover makes this wireless sport earphone a great choice for sporting.

Choose the Beoplay E6 Bluetooth headset and enjoy the excellent sound quality, safety and comfort that is a certainty during usage of the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E6 wireless in-ear headphone. The amazing BEO Sound will make sport full with high-quality audio effect.


Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E6 wireless earphone


Acoustic pressure range: 110 – 116 dB

Frequency transmission range: 20 Hz to 20 kHz

Battery recharge time: 120 minutes

Battery: 2 x 50 mAh

Bluetooth usage distance: 10 meters

Net product weight: 21 grams

Data transfer technology: Bluetooth 4.2

Maximum operation time: 5 hours

Package details: case, silicone plugs, sports silicone extensions, cable clamp, USB-A power cable

Compatibility: Apple iOS only (iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone SE, iPhone 8, iPhone 9, iPhone X).


Delivery information:

Free of charge:

The Netherlands (1-3 working days)

Belgium (2-4 working days)

Luxembourg (2-4 working days)

Germany (2-4 working days)

Denmark (3-5 working days)

Poland (3-5 working days)

Czech Republic (3-5 working days)

Austria (3-5 working days)

Environmentally-Friendly Home Delivery Service to Hungary (6-10 working days)


Ireland (3-5 working days) costs: € 3 – 17

Sweden (3-5 working days) costs: € 2 – 10

Finland (4-6 working days) costs: € 3 – 17

Baltic States (4-6 working days) costs: € 3 – 15

Slovakia (4-6 working days) costs: € 3 – 15

Hungary (4-6 working days) costs: € 2 – 10

Croatia (4-6 working days) costs: € 4,50 – 16

Slovenia (4-6 working days) costs: € 3 – 15

Italy (4-5 working days) costs: € 2 – 15

France (3-5 working days) costs: € 1 – 10

Spain (3-5 working days) costs: € 2,50 – 12,50

Portugal (4-6 working days) costs: € 2 – 16

The product has two years of warranty.


EAN: 5705260080445


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