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  • BOSE NC 700 Bluetooth headphone, wireless headset | fejhallgató, vezeték nélküli headset silver | hoofdtelefoon, draadloze headset
  • BOSE NC 700 Bluetooth headphone, wireless headset | fejhallgató, vezeték nélküli headset black | hoofdtelefoon, draadloze headset
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BOSE NC 700 Bluetooth Noise Cancelling headphone, wireless headset

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BOSE NC 700 Bluetooth Noise Cancelling headphone, wireless headset

Model: 794297-0300 & 794297-0100


Looking for an unique Bluetooth headset?

Want to use adjustable noise cancellation technology?

In addition to the ear-catching sound world, a modern, elegant design is important for You? Do convenience and long service life means extra for You? Here is the great opportunity to choose one of the offers from the BOSE NC 700 Noise Cancelling Bluetooth headset.


BOSE has been dazzling audiences in America and around the world since 1964 with the development of first class audio equipment. The type of wireless audio equipment offered: Smart Noise Cancelling Headphone.


Premium comfort

The BOSE NC 700 headphones provide special user experience in every aspect. Careful use of raw materials provides premium comfort, which is an essential feature of longitudinal, trouble-free use. The protein leather material of the phones makes the headset ideal for an extra-long audio experience. The ergonomic arrangement of the device as well as the safe and flexible design of the headband set the tech standard expected from BOSE.


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New features and design

The BOSE NC 700 Noise Cancelling Bluetooth headphones are one of the most advanced personal audio equipment available today due to the adjustable noise cancelling system.

The Active Noise Cancellation System uses built-in microphones to detect ambient noise levels. Opposing sound signals are emitted in order to prevent noise pollution. The adjustable noise cancellation feature allows the user to determine how is the curiosity level of ambient sounds.

Enable Talk Mode, the user can have true „hands-free” and wireless experience during phone conversations: the control of noise cancellation and the pause of the current audio experience are solved at the same time.


BOSE NC 700 Bluetooth headset | wireless headphone | Active Noise Cancellation | Discount sales of Bluetooth auido equipment @ Lajaecom online shop


Convenient, stylish and high-tech Bluetooth technology


The BOSE NC 700 Bluetooth headset delivers the first voice-based augmented user experience with the BOSE AR technology.

An immersive audio experience (HIFI Sound) that lets you control your connection to the digital and physical worlds. In addition to full transcendence, combined with nowadays state-of-the-art headset features: this is the BOSE 700 wireless headphone!

BOSE AR technology provides the possibility of combining both your portable devices and integrated applications. Allowing a new way to pursue leisure activities. The BOSE AR-compliant products are made with integrated motion sensors that allow the user to fully map your exercise. Compatible applications combine exercise data with location data recorded on your mobile so your system can always offer location- and activity-specific audio content.

Touch control to increase user-friendliness. The cover of the right phone has integrated sensors that allows the user to easily and swiftly control the volume, tasks or music.

The buttons turn the headset on and off and control noise cancellation and the mobile’s VA (Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa).


BOSE Music App

The BOSE Music App is compatible with BOSE AR tech that does not only make music control efficient but also ensures the connectivity of all BOSE smart products (Spotify Tap is possible).


BOSE SimpleSync

The BOSE NC 700 Bluetooth headphones can also enhance your TV audio experience. Combine with a BOSE smart soundbar for a personalized TV experience.


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Maximized music listening


A personal device for listening to music 24/7: The BOSE NC 700 wireless Bluetooth headphone allows up to 20 hours of playback time on a single charge which can be extended by an additional two hours after fifteen minutes of fast charge, provides the user with all-day-long music experience.


Technical details:


Product name: BOSE NC 700 headphone

Model: 794297-0300

Microphone: Noise Cancelling

Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB

Bluetooth version: 5.0

Bluetooth codec: SBC, AAC

Bluetooth range: 10 m

Headset type: binaural

Product dimensions (Depth x Height x Width): 51 x 203 x 165 mm

Package content: 0,5 metre USB cabel (USB-C), Quick Start Guide

Battery charge time: 2,5 hours

Battery usage time: 20 hours

Packaging dimensions (Depth x Height x Width): 62 x 218 x 179 mm


Delivery details:


Free home delivery services available:

Denmark: 2-4 business days

Sweden: 3-5 business days

Finland: 4-6 business days

The Netherlands: 4-6 business days

Belgium: 4-6 business days

Luxembourg: 4-6 business days

Ireland: 5-7 business days

Hungary: 3-5 business days

Germany: 1-3 business days

Czech Republic: 3-5 business days

Austria: 3-5 business days

Latvia: 4-6 business days

Lithuania: 4-6 business days

Estonia: 4-6 business days

Slovakia: 4-6 business days

Croatia: 4-6 business days

Italy: 3-6 business days

France: 3-6 business days

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