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Dell TFT ZUB AC511M PC monitor soundbar

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Dell TFT ZUB AC511M PC monitor soundbar

Model: TFT ZUB AC511M monitor speaker bar


Are You looking for a 2.0 soundbar with a space saving design?

The Dell TFT ZUB AC511M monitor soundbar is almost invisible. The soundbar remains almost unnoticed until the sound of it would have not been heard. The TFT ZUB AC511M type of Dell stereo soundbars are worthy choices to make because they can give you the desired sound effect without any big speaker and cables that would disturb the space around you. The product package has a soundbar mount that will make an easy attachment possible to place your Dell soundbar under the monitor. It will not simply save space on the desk but would not affect the adjustability of your screen.

Dell PC AC511M soundbar provides a great user experience for PC multimedia and Gaming.

For private listening, the soundbar also got a convenient headphone jack so You can switch the method of listening with ease.

The Dell PC USB ZUB TFT AC511M Stereo Soundbar does not need any extra software or separate power connector to operate. Use the USB connector to connect your soundbar to the PC and that will simply ensure complete operation.

The Dell TFT ZUB AC511M soundbar has a two years of warranty and a 30-day-money-back-guarantee.

Choose a Dell TFT ZUB AC511M 2.0 USB PC monitor soundbar and sound up your personal computing experience!


Delivery information:

Free of charge:

The Netherlands (3-5 working days)

Belgium (3-5 working days)

Luxembourg (3-5 working days)

Germany (1-2 working days)

Denmark (3-4 working days)

Poland (2-3 working days)

Czech Republic (2-3 working days)

Austria (2-3 working days)

Environmentally-Friendly Home Delivery Service to Hungary (6-10 working days)


Ireland (4-6 working days) costs: € 5

Sweden (4-5 working days) costs: € 2,50

Finland (4-6 working days) costs: € 5

Baltic States (3-5 working days) costs: € 5

Slovakia (3-4 working days) costs: € 5

Hungary (3-4 working days) costs: € 2,50

Croatia (3-5 working days) costs: € 4,50

Slovenia (3-5 working days) costs: € 5

Italy (3-5 working days) costs: € 2,50

France (4-5 working days) costs: € 2

Spain (4-5 working days) costs: € 3

Portugal (4-6 working days) costs: € 3,50.


Technical details:


Product type: PC soundbar

Nominal output power: 2,5 Watt

Amplifier: integrated

Speaker details: Soundbar – stereo x 2 – active

Product dimensions (Width x Depth x Height): 40.6 x 4.9 x 3.9 cm

Net product weight: 454 grams

Designed for: DELL E1916, E1920, E2016, E2020, E2216, E2218, E2219, E2220, E2316, E2318, E2417, E2418, E2420, E2720, P1917, P2018, P2217, P2219, P2319, P2415, P2418, P2419, P2421, P2719, P2720, S2319, S2719; UltraSharp U2414, U2415, U2417, U2515, U2715, U2917, UP2516, UP2716, UP2718, UP3017, UP3216

Compatibility: AC/DC connector makes possible connectivity with any other device than Dell. Please check the product dimensions and compare it with the desired monitor’s dimensions.

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