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Fossil (Gen 4) Q Explorist HR smoke grey sport smartwatch

€199,95 €274,95 -28% KI

Fossil (Gen 4) Q Explorist HR smoke grey sport smartwatch

€199,95 €274,95 -28% KI
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Fossil (Gen 4) Q Explorist HR smoke grey sport smartwatch

Modell: FTW4012


The Fossil (Gen 4) Q Explorist HR smoke grey sport smartwatch FTW4012 has been the focus of interest since its release. The 45 mm stainless steel case and sleek smoke grey colour give the ideal look to this high quality mens smartwatch. An excellent companion for sport lovers. Although a mens watch, but thanks to its smart features, it is also great to wear for the weaker sex (unisex). The NFC feature even makes Google Play available.


Smart features:

  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • GPS
  • Gyroscope
  • Accelerometer
  • Activity Tracker
  • Spotify, iTunes and more streaming control
  • Flashlight
  • New Field Communication


Choose an excellent and stylish smartwatch that, in addition to looking smooth, is accurate and durable, a companion in everyday life (2 in 1). The Fossil (Gen 4) Q Explorist HR smoke grey sport smartwatch makes most of your activities safer, more accurate and easily accessible with its many features. Thus, the Fossil (Gen 4) Q Explorist HR FTW4012 smartwatch promotes a smooth lifestyle, making the user more cheerful. A smart choice of accurate time measurement.

With the help of the heart rate function, the smartwatch user can check the heartbeat at any time, thus creating safety. The watch’s “safety” feature is further enhanced by the fact that it also has a GPS function, so the user can pinpoint locations at any time without having to carry your smartphone with you. Excellent for tripping. The accelerometer registers the acceleration using the law of inertia. The gyroscope allows accurate navigation by detecting even the finest movements.

The Fossil (Gen 4) Q Explorist HR smoke grey sport smartwatch is manufactured with a practical touch screen so the user can be notified with ease when it searches through your connected devices (notification: emails, messages or incoming phone calls). During tripping in the nature, this feature would help the users save the precious smart devices and therefore would save money with the smart notification feature.



Fossil (Gen 4) Q Explorist HR smoke grey sport smartwatch



With the Activity Tracking feature, users can swiftly track the daily performance, such as the number of steps taken and the amount of calories burnt.

The Fossil (Gen 4) Q Explorist HR smoke grey sport smartwatch FTW4012 is one of the state-of-the-art of mens watches because of its many functionalities and well-tailored clockwork. The smartwatch can be charged wireless. The user can control most music stream services (Spotify, iTunes, etc.) via the touch screen. The Fossil (Gen 4) Q Explorist HR smoke grey sport smartwatch makes travelling easier by automatically switching between time zones so that the alarm settings do not even accidentally disturb activities. Use the Android Wear App to set the screen lock. It can be connected with almost any of the thousand of Android Wear Apps available. The Flashlight function lights up the watch face in white. The Near Field Communication feature makes it easy to connect your smart devices, because the user needs to only touch the screen of the Fossil Q Explorist smartwatch to the device and this is enough to create a secure connection.


Detailed product specification:


Features: Hear rate measurement, GPS, Google Pay, Waterproof, Notifications, Customizable dial, Music control, Interchangeable straps, Sleep measurement, Activity measurement

Compatibility: iOS 9.3+, Android OS 4.4+

Outdoor temperature measurement: Yes

Heart rate measurement: Yes

Watch collection: Q Explorist

Case material: stainless steel

Case diameter: 45 mm

Watch glass material: Tempered crystal glass

Watch strap width: 22 mm

Chip: Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100

System memory: 512 MB

Mass storage: 4 GB

Battery life on a single charge: more than 24 hours

Sensors: Accelerometer, Altimeter, Backlight, Gyroscope, Heart rate monitor, Microphone, NFC, GPS, Activity Tracker

Weight: 150 grams

EAN / UPC / GTIN: 4013496045635

Water resistance: 3 ATM

Warranty: 24 months

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