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  • NeXtime Big Dreamcatcher large analogue wooden wall clock (brown) | Woonkamer designer wandklok | Nappali dizájner falióra
  • NeXtime Big Dreamcatcher large analogue wooden wall clock (white) | Woonkamer designer wandklok | Nappali dizájner falióra
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NeXtime Clocks

NeXtime Big Dreamcatcher large wooden analogue wall clock

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NeXtime Big Dreamcatcher large wooden analogue wall clock


Are You looking for a unique, eye-catching and large wall clock?

The NeXtime Big Dreamcatcher large wooden analogue wall clock can be bought is white or brown colour and the clockwork is durable and quiet. The diameter of the clock dial is               60 centimetres which is why the Big Dreamcatcher is clearly visible and eye-catching. This large wooden wall clock is a modern unique solution of time measurement because its shape follows the traditional circle style and the pattern of the clock face has a special futuristic effect. The size and elegance of the Big Dreamcatcher looks great as a decoration in living rooms, most noticeable on large dark toned wall surfaces.

The NeXtime Big Dreamcatcher large analogue wall clock is made of wood and has two colours: brown and white. It is a durable wall clock that fits for life time usage. Black hands indicate the passage of time on white or brown clock face. The NeXtime Big Dreamcatcher is very quiet and the electronic clockwork as well as the hands operate almost silently.

The NeXtime Big Dreamcatcher is worth choosing because its special look is interesting and stylish. For this reason it is well suited for both home and office environments. The clock is narrow and the perfectly shaped round and the pattern of the clock, make it a unique modern living room wall clock. The NeXtime Big Dreamcatcher wall clock is an excellent home décor design element due to its unique futuristic appearance and precise operating. The colour combination of the pointers and the surface gives this clock a solid look.


Do You want to throw up your work environment?
Choose this wooden decorative element!


NeXtime Clocks attracts attention by producing high-quality and highly customized time measuring devices. Fifty years of experience in the field of clock production is a guarantee of precise time measurement. The NeXtime Big Dreamcatcher is a large wooden wall clock that can become a defining decoration of the chosen premise due to its modern style and excellent clockwork. It provides a quiet and calm way to measure your time. The wall clock is narrow and only three centimetres thick, so it is not heavy despite its diameter, it is less than two kilograms. The product operates with quietly and therefore it is an ideal solution for any larger wall section.

Choose the futuristic atmosphere of Big Dreamcatcher and take a little Netherlands around your home or buy it and give it to your friends and beloved ones as a memorable gift. Do not forget it! The big dreams are needed to be caught and time is only working for you if you count it precisely. Choose the NeXtime Big Dreamcatcher large analogue wooden wall clock and take a modern clock to extend your dimensions of your time.

The wall clock is both RoHS compliant and CE certified, ensuring accurate, long-lasting and high-quality time measurement. The NeXtime Clocks is a Dutch brand that cooperates with her partners and designers to produce innovative décor clocks. 

Unique style
Up to three years warranty!
A home décor element that is guaranteed to elevate your sense of life!


The clock operates with an AA battery that is not part of this product offer.

Country of manufacture: the Netherlands


Delivery information:

Free of charge:

The Netherlands (1-2 working days)

Belgium (2-3 working days)

Luxembourg (2-3 working days)

Germany (2-4 working days)

Denmark (3-5 working days)

Poland (3-5 working days)

Czech Republic (3-5 working days)

Austria (3-5 working days)

Environmentally-Friendly Home Delivery Service to Hungary (6-10 working days)


Ireland (3-5 working days) costs: € 10

Sweden (3-5 working days) costs: € 10

Finland (4-6 working days) costs: € 10

Baltic States (4-6 working days) costs: € 5

Slovakia (4-6 working days) costs: € 5

Hungary (4-6 working days) costs: € 10

Croatia (4-6 working days) costs: € 12,50

Slovenia (4-6 working days) costs: € 5

Italy (4-5 working days) costs: € 10

France (3-5 working days) costs: € 5

Spain (3-5 working days) costs: € 3,50

Portugal (4-6 working days) costs: € 9.

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