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  • NeXtime Big World large glass wall clock (white, 4 time zones) | Woonkamer designer wandklok | Nappali dizájner falióra
  • NeXtime Big World large glass wall clock (white) | Woonkamer designer wandklok | Nappali dizájner falióra
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NeXtime Clocks

NeXtime Big World big modern white glass 4 time zone wall clock

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NeXtime Big World big modern white glass 4 time zone wall clock


The NeXtime Big World is a large wall clock that is circular and can be used to measure the exact time in four time zones, thus helping you to be informed. Its 52-centimeter diameter makes it almost huge. In addition to local time, this round wall clock also shows the exact time of Paris, New York and Hong Kong to its holder. The clock dial is covered with glass and the manufacturers created a futuristic design so that all four times can be read from the device. This large white clock uses black Arabic numerals and black small lap clocks to show the time, which is perfectly visible from a distance. The Big World is popular among clock fans due to its size and unique look. The Big World is very quiet and has a particularly pleasant effect due to its low noise emission.

The Big World is made using glass and aluminium, so this wall clock even though big is not really heavy. The clock case and dial provides white background and the shape of the clock at the same time relaxed and elegant round smashing effect. Despite its large size, its weight is not too high either, as the product alone weighs just over 3 kilograms. The clock is a great opportunity not only to simply boost the atmosphere of your room, but also to increase your awareness.

NeXtime Clocks draws attention to herself by producing high-quality and highly customized clocks. Fifty years of experience in clock manufacturing is a guarantee of precise timing. The Big World big design wall clock is a suitable tool for global orientation and timekeeping. The Big World is a large clock that is easy to read and shows well, making it great for decorating large rooms or public areas such as waiting areas for customers. The Big World has quiet operation and a unique appearance thus it is an ideal solution for any large wall section.

The product has both RoHS compliant and CE certified, ensuring accurate, long-lasting and high-quality time measuring. NeXtime Clocks is a Dutch brand that works together with her partners in Hong Kong to produce innovative design clocks. The product can be purchased with one-year warranty, which can be extended on request at an additional cost. Please contact us for more information.

The item works with an AA battery but it is not part of the product package. The delivery is depended on the desired country and available for most EU countries.

The product has 12 months warranty. Please check our Terms & Conditions for more details.

You can find the specific standard delivery method details on under the Delivery conditions section in our Terms & Conditions or you can check it on the shopping cart.


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Environmentally-Friendly Home Delivery Service to Hungary (6-10 working days)


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