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NeXtime BOOM square living room designer wall clock

€44,95 €71,50 -38% KI

NeXtime BOOM square living room designer wall clock

€44,95 €71,50 -38% KI
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NeXtime BOOM square living room designer wall clock

Are you looking for a fun, unique and useful design element of a place that is needed to be enhanced?
We have what You have been looking for!
The NeXtime BOOM special glass design square living room wall clock is a unique stylist glass design wall clock that creates a memorable home décor appearance.
The NeXtime BOOM is one of the NeXtime Essentials Series, which is also rich in special living room wall clocks. This square glass design wall clock is large and easy to read. The size of it is 43x43 centimetre. The explosion depiction looks tremendous on white walls. One-Two-Thr… What time is it? …
Looking at it, the certain moment of time bursts into our minds.
NeXtime BOOM square living room designer glass wall clock on blue wall
The flames of the explosion are gold-white-red, and the shape of the black pointer also evokes flame waves. The square shape and BOOM glass design what give this special glass design clock a unique look. Visitors are guaranteed to remember this fun room decoration. This special square design clock can be combined well with any wall colour. The BOOM is easy to read and due to its scale, it can be classified as a large wall clock. The clock dial is protected by glass, the total weight of the product is 2,40 kg.

The NeXtime Essentials BOOM square living room designer glass wall clock becomes an excellent design element in any interior. This quiet wall clock raises the appearance of the wall of your room and its low noises do not interfere with a person’s daily activities. The BOOis large but not heavy with no more than 3 kg in total. This large analogue wall clock makes the viewers of it begin smiling. The BOOM is also a very easy to repair type, although due to its excellent quality, it can be used longer terms without any repair if used properly. The product offer does not include the AA battery required for operation.

BOOM, this living room glass design wall clock is memorable. It is able to make you laugh while reminding you of the exact time tossing up the wall and elevating your mood, creating a better feeling of life. Choose the NeXtime BOOM to make your room look memorable with a special element.

The NeXtime Clocks are made with fifty years of experience and knowledge so the BOOM is guaranteed to enhance the look of your room wall. The BOOM is high quality that is part of the Essentials Series which contains many different designs.

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