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NeXtime Clocks Classy Large analogue living room designer glass wall clocks

€69,95 €99,95 -31% KI


NeXtime Clocks Classy Large analogue living room designer glass wall clocks

€69,95 €99,95 -31% KI


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NeXtime Clocks Classy Large analogue living room designer glass wall clocks

Models: 3105wi White-Grey, 3105zw Black-Grey, 3105wg White-Gold


The NeXtime Classy Large is an elegant wall clock of the NeXtime Essentials Series. These clocks are made of glass and plastic. Its dial is protected by a glass cover and the clock dial has either white or black background. The dial of the Classy Large round wall clock shows the passage of time with either grey or gold hands. The Arabic numerals showing the passage of time are emphasized by the 3D design effect.

The NeXtime Clocks has 50 years of experience in manufacturing and the Classy Large will enhance the atmosphere of the desired premise. This glass clock is a great choice for either office or home use, as its quiet operation and unique look provide the desired effect.

The NeXtime Classy Large is a great gift because its elegant appearance and combination of colours are perfect for decorating any kind of walls. Choose the NeXtime wall clock design to enhance your quality of life and give your chosen room a new look with this glass clock masterpiece. The glass cover of its dial and the size of the clock cover make it perfect for almost any part of the wall. The circular dial has a diameter of 50 centimetres which is ideal for highlighting modern home décoration. The Classy Large is an analogue clock that can be boldly classified as a unique, elegant and modern designer wall clock because of its attributes. It can attract the viewer’s attention. The current moment is easy to read, its unique appearance highlights the selected wall section. Due to its colour combination and circular shape as well as its quiet operation, it can provide the desired effect and accurate time measuring.

The NeXtime Classy Large glass wall clock is an affordable choice for elegance and slackness. It does not matter in which room the desired wall is located. Whether it is an office, a living room, a bedroom or maybe a bathroom, its trendy appearance is a guarantee of harmony. Feel free to choose the NeXtime Classy Large designer wall clock if you want to give your chosen room a modern, advanced and relaxed look.

The dimensions of NeXtime Classy Large follow reasonableness: its 50 cm diameter and 3 cm thickness create an ideal sight. The Classy Large is not a heavy one: its weight is around 3 kg (2.9 kg). The NeXtime Classy Large is an elegant analogue wall clock that is one of the NeXtime Essentials Series. The Essentials includes a number of unique and affordable interior design accessories. The product is both RoHS compliant and CE certified, ensuring accurate, long-lasting and high quality time measuring. The NeXtime Clocks is a Dutch brand that cooperates with her partners to produce innovative design time measuring items. The product can be purchased with twelve months of warranty, which can be extended upon request at an additional cost up to three years. Please contact us for more information.


NeXtime Classy Large glass design wall clock gold-white colour combination display


The item works with an AA battery that is not included in the package. The NeXtime Classy Large wall clock is a device that is a design element and it can be defining decoration of the atmosphere and appearance of almost any premise. Choose one of the NeXtime Clocks Classy Large analogue living room designer glass wall clocks if you would renew the sphere of your home or office.


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