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NeXtime Dash colourful glass home décor clock in black, blue and red

€54,95 €81,95 -33% KI


NeXtime Dash colourful glass home décor clock in black, blue and red

€54,95 €81,95 -33% KI


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NeXtime Dash colourful glass home décor clock


The NeXtime Dash is part of the NeXtime Essentials Series and it is a colourful modern round design wall clock. This eye-catching home decoration time measuring tool can be found in our collection in black, blue and red colours. The three variants of the Dash as follows: Dash Black is a round modern wall clock with a diameter of 35 cm. The clock face has an elegant design. It is made in black with white hands, dots and Arabic numerals indicating the passage of time. The Dash Blue boats different shades of blue. The clock cover is elegant dark blue while the dots and Arabic Numerals indicating the passage of time are made in a light shade of turquoise. The Dash Red is similar but it boasts different shades of red. It is made with an elegant, bright deep red clock case while the dots and Arabic numerals of time indication are white.

This colourful design wall clock is a well-tailored time measuring device with a glass cover protecting the dial. The plastic clock face is protected by a metallic clock case frame so the product is guaranteed to provide a solution for decades. The NeXtime Dash is very quiet and the electronic clockwork as well as the hands operates almost silently.

The NeXtime Dash colourful glass home décor clock is worth of choosing because its modern look is great for both office and home usage.


Do You want to throw up your work environment?

Choose this elegant and colourful décor element!



NeXtime Dash Black modern glass designer wall clock on red wall



The NeXtime Clocks attracts attention by producing high-quality and highly customized time measuring devices. Fifty years of experience in the field of clock production is a guarantee of precise time measurement. The NeXtime Dash clocks are part of the NeXtime Essentials Series, one of the most popular clock collections of the Netherlands. The NeXtime Dash is a modern glass designer wall clock that is easy to read and looks good, making it perfect for decorating your home rooms.

The NeXtime Clocks Dash glass décor wall clock is a quiet and calm way to measure your time. The product is unique because the clock face and structure are protected by a glass cover. The case is approximately four inches thick and the combination of aluminium, metal and glass safely protects the valuable clockwork. The product is an eye-catching design element also, making it ideal solution for long-lasting time measurement.

The wall clock is both RoHS compliant and CE certified, ensuring accurate, long-lasting and high-quality time measurement. The NeXtime Clocks is a Dutch brand that cooperates with her partners and designers to produce innovative décor clocks.


Unique style
Up to three years warranty!
A home décor element that is guaranteed to elevate your sense of life!


The clock operates with an AA battery that is not part of this product offer.

Country of manufacture: the Netherlands

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