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  • NeXtime Girl modern living room designer wall clock (glass, grey, orange hands) | Woonkamer designer wandklok | Nappali dizájner falióra
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NeXtime Girl modern grey living room designer wall clock

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NeXtime Girl modern grey living room designer wall clock


The Girl glass living room wall clock has an extremely nice design that enriches the look of any youth-styled room. It is a beautiful glass design clock and its dial has light grey background with black Arabic numbers and dots plus orange clock hands. The Girl is not as colourful clock type as its variant, the Boy because it has only three colours but although the NeXtime Girl glass living room designer is a grey wall clock, the orange hands make it fresher. The Girl is designed in a fashion that enriches the look of fresh rooms. It is easily readable and it can highlight the look of your room’s wall.

The NeXtime Clocks Girl is the perfect choice for teenage and young women because it has a good size, easy readability and style. As an addition, its smooth design will enrich your feelings about your own place. Its ticking is very low and it provides a very calm background noise that is ideal for studying and development. Furthermore, it would not disturb the resting periods. No matter what is the size of your room the Girl makes you show that you are young.

This Arabic round living room wall clock is also good for high-school classrooms because its colour combination, design and size surely draws attention to the clock itself and the importance of what it measures. The NeXtime Girl modern round wall clock is a big glass living room wall clock because of the 43 cm diameter of its dial and it is not a heavy one (1,94 kg gross weight). The package does not include the AA battery that is necessary for operation.

NeXtime Clocks has 50 years of experience in clock manufacturing and their skills in designing makes the Girl an ideal glass living room wall clock and a solid addition to any room look of a young women. The dial cover is produced of glass and all other parts are made of plastic. The NeXtime Girl is a design wall clock that is a perfect element on any wall because of the elegant appearance. A type of glass design wall clock that is specialized and focused on youth society but it has a very great way for anyone to indicate and show how they feel.

The product has both RoHS Compliant and CE Certified classifications and that makes the Girl a safe and high-quality glass living room wall clock. NeXtime Girl is a great modern style glass clock and it is one of the special NeXtime Clocks Essentials Series which contains numerous unique and affordable designs for any interior. This product has one year warranty that can be extended upon request for an extra charge. Please contact us for more information.

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