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  • NeXtime Magic Arabic Numerals modern silver design glass 2-in-1 clock, wall clock
  • NeXtime Magic Stripe Index modern silver design glass 2-in-1 clock | Woonkamer designer wandklok | Nappali dizájner falióra
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NeXtime Magic modern silver design glass clock

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NeXtime Magic modern silver design glass clock


The NeXtime Magic design clock type is manufactured with regularly used types of clock dial designs: stripe and Arabic number. The Magic is a very useful time measuring item. It is an excellent design element and can be used as a table or a wall clock.

The NeXtime Magic modern silver design glass clock was fashioned in a design to create an optical illusion. The material of its dial is glass with a white background and a black hour indication and Arabic digits on the dial’s surface. The NeXtime Magic owns a smooth design that makes this Arabic round wall clock a perfect choice if you look for an outstanding design for long terms. NeXtime Clocks has 50 years of experience in manufacturing and designing clocks. The Magic silver design glass clock will enrich the living quality of your room by its nice appearance and silent operation. It is a beautiful clock for any interior for your home or office environment.

The NeXtime Magic glass clock is a unique design item that has no perfect round shape even though it looks like; but in fact the shape is ellipsis which creates a distorted perspective. It has a glass dial cover and its size makes it a best fit for almost any type of premises’ walls. The optical illusion of its appearance and the silver colour gives an elegant and smooth style. The Magic has an easy readability and the special design of its silver cover will highlight the wall section you set it upon. The white background of the dial with the black stripe or Arabic number hour indicators generates the feeling of calmness and cosiness.



NeXtime Magic Arabic Numbers silver design glass clock on wall



The NeXtime Magic Arabic round analogue wall clock is an affordable choice of elegancy and smoothness. No matter if the desired wall is situated in an office, a kitchen, a living room, bedroom or even the bathroom, its fashionable design will enrich the style of any place. Choose the Magic if you want to make a premise become modern, developed and smooth. The NeXtime Magic has reasonable size with its 35 cm dial diameter and 25,5 mm thickness. The Magic is a very stable glass design clock which is light and it is only 1,07 kg. The NeXtime Magic is a great modern style glass clock and it is one of the special ones of the NeXtime Clocks Essentials Series which contains numerous unique and affordable home décor time measuring items for any interior.

The product has both RoHS Compliant and CE Certified classifications and that makes the Magic a safe and high-quality glass design clock. This product has one year warranty that can be extended upon request.

For more information please contact us. The AA battery is not included in the package.


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