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NeXtime Nova large minimalist sunburst wall clock

€44,95 €69,95 -36% KI


NeXtime Nova large minimalist sunburst wall clock

€44,95 €69,95 -36% KI


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NeXtime Nova large minimalist sunburst wall clock


The NeXtime Metal Nova is a special decorative living room wall clock from the NeXtime Clocks Essentials Series. It has a big, 50 cm diameter dial and it is designed in a minimalist style. It is a unique industrial style clock, an affordable design with only using simple colours. It is metal grey and black. Some may say it is silver but the grey tone is more closer to metal. The metal effect of the design and the star style of it generate a unique look. The minimalist art style is from the past industrial era that became known worldwide by the results of the work of the craftsmen and this design looks similar to a snapshot taken with the old method: only in black and white which makes this large modern grey design wall clock not simply a minimalist design element but something from the old school style as well.

The Metal Nova is a large star shaped grey sunburst wall clock which perfectly enriches modern living rooms. It looks tremendously on white or lightly painted walls together with other minimalist home décor elements. The Nova designer clocks are great choices if you want to give a point to your visitors to talk about and that will easily smoothens the beginnings of meetings.

The NeXtime Essentials Metal Nova grey wall clock is a great element for many modernist style room look. The Metal Nova large wall clock will enrich the living quality of your home by its silent operation and unique design. It is big but it is light at once. The weight of it is not reaching 1 kg (0,89 kg to be precise) and its thickness is only 5 cm. The thin and unique shape generates a very special appearance which will make your living room peculiar and modern. All parts of it are made of plastic and it is a very easy to fix type. The AA battery is not included inside the package.

NeXtime Clocks has 50 years of experience in clock manufacturing and the Nova style decorative living room wall clocks can enrich the living quality of your room by the nice appearance and silent operation. NeXtime Metal Nova is a great modernist style wall clock and it is one of the special NeXtime Clocks Essentials Series which contains numerous unique and affordable design clocks for any interior.

The NeXtime Nova clocks is designed with a modern and elegant metal minimalist design but it can be bought in blue as well. The NeXtime Blue Nova is the very same sunburst wall clock in a more lively blue-black colour combination.


 NeXtime Blue Nova big modern sunburst industrial wall clock



The shipping of this product always varies on destination. We offer only DHL shipping within the BENELUX states but it is highly possible that for other regions we would also use GLS especially for far destinations. The product has both RoHS Compliant and CE Certified classifications and that makes the Nova style safe and high-quality time measurers.

This product has one year warranty that can be extended upon request for extra charge. Please contact us to get more information.

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