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  • NeXtime Quick modern home office designer wall clock, white | Kantoor designer wandklok | Irodai design falióra
  • NeXtime Quick modern home office designer wall clock, black | Kantoor designer wandklok | Irodai design falióra
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NeXtime Clocks

NeXtime Quick home office designer black and white wall clock

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NeXtime Quick home office designer black and white wall clock


Are You looking for an elegant, showy and durable wall clock?

The NeXtime Quick home office designer wall has black and white colours.

Have it both ways! The Quick has two variants and made with a black or a white background. The Quick operates by an analogue electrical ticking clock system that makes it a solid solution for decoration of office spaces or it can easily become your new home office décor item.

The dial has a diameter of 35 cm so the Quick is clearly visible and an eye-catching one. This large wall clock can be used in many ways because it is great for decorating the walls of large office spaces, such as waiting rooms, customer service, office reception points, rooms where people have to spend time on waiting. The size of the Quick is proportionate and elegant in appearance that shows great as decoration of living rooms also. It is most conspicuous on large wall surfaces.

This professional wall clock has modern style and it shows the time with a combination of stripe and Arabic numerals. By definition, black on a white background and white on black background for the black variant. The aluminium clock cover has a normal diameter size and it operates by a precise electronical clock mechanism. Both variants has an orange second hand in addition to the black or white hour and minute hands. The NeXtime Quick is very quiet and the electronic clockwork and time indicators operate very quietly almost silent.

The NeXtime Quick home office designer wall clock is worth the choice because its sleek look exudes serenity and makes it a great fit for both home and office environments. The black or white background of the clock and the dial as well as the well-tailored circle shape give an elegant yet loose effect. The NeXtime Quick wall clock is an excellent design element for the home work environment, so we recommend to decorate home offices with it. The colour combination of the pointers and the case gives it a solid look.

Do You want to throw up your work environment?

Choose these elegant white décor element?

The NeXtime Clocks attracts attention by producing high-quality and highly customized time measuring items. Fifty years of experience in the field of clock manufacturing is a guarantee of precise time measurement. The NeXtime Quick is one of the iconic NeXtime Station Clocks Series, one of the popular clock collections of the Netherlands. The NeXtime Quick is a big modern wall clock that is elegant and precise and fits both office and home living environments.

NeXtime Quick home office designer black and white wall clock on green wall

The NeXtime Clocks Quick home office designer wall clock is quiet and calm way to measure your time. The product is unique because the surface and clockwork are covered by glass. The case is approximately four inches thick and the combination of aluminium and glass safely protects the valuable clockwork. The product has quiet operation and therefore it is an ideal solution for any large wall section. In addition to the elapsed time, the Quick wall clock also displays the date.

The wall clock is both RoHS compliant and CE certified, ensuring accurate, long-lasting and high-quality time measurement. The NeXtime is a Dutch brand that cooperates with her partners and designers to produce innovative décor clocks. The product can be purchased with a one-year warranty, which can be extended on request at an additional cost. Please contact us for more information.


Unique style
Up to three years warranty!
Precise manufacturing is a guarantee of successful long-lasting time measurement.


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