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  • NeXtime Small Testpage home office designer 2-in-1 clock | Thuis kantoor designer wandklok | Irodai design falióra
  • NeXtime Small Testpage home office designer 2-in-1 clock, wall clock | Thuis kantoor designer wandklok | Irodai design falióra
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NeXtime Clocks

NeXtime Small Testpage glass home office decor clock

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NeXtime Small Testpage glass home office decor clock


The NeXtime Clocks Small Testpage is a creative home office designer clock that has a dial with a background that illustrates TV screen shown during broadcast interruption. The dial’s diameter is 30 cm which makes it an excellent room designing item. This 30 cm clock is a surprising addition to any smaller room’s look. It is manufactured in different sizes and the Testpage product type is not simply a designer clock because its unique glass decorative style enhances the section of any place where this precious object operates. During hectic times, it can indicate how situation can be or how the members of office staff could feel. Sometimes it can make the situation funnier. The unique design of Testpage enriches any desk’s look and makes the environment less stressful. It is a great office desk clock as your workplace is situated within a big office area. Although it is great for offices, but it is the perfect choice as a gift idea like a home office clock. Nowadays the interruptions in lifetime makes the Testpage a remarkable sign of care because it indicates how life can be whilst unfortunate period of times such as the current drama.

The NeXtime Clocks Small Testpage is a precise multi-colour glass design clock with a white hour indication and grey stripes on its dial. The Small Testpage has an affordable design for an affordable price. A kind of home office designer clock that makes your rooms look funnier. It is very light and can be standing easily on any desk. Its weight is only 1,01 kg without battery that is not included in the product’s packaging. The product has both RoHS Compliant and CE Certified classifications and that makes the Testpage a safe and high-quality home office designer clock.

NeXtime Clocks has 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing and the Small Testpage design clock will enrich the living quality of your room by its nice appearance and silent operation. The unique design of it will catch the attention of visitors and generates a funny point for having conversations. The material of the dial’s cover is glass all other is made of plastic. The NeXtime Testpage products has different types: the aforementioned Testpages and the Small Testpage is an ideal desk or table decoration item but the Testpage Dome looks perfectly on the wall. The NeXtime Small Testpage is a great modern style designer glass clock and it is one of the special NeXtime Clocks Essentials Series which contains numerous unique and affordable designs for any interior. This product has one year warranty. Please contact us for more information.


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