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  • Philips HUE myLiving Glisette LED ceiling spotlamp | LED spots | LED spotlámpa
  • Philips HUE myLiving Glisette BAR 4 LED ceiling spotlamp | LED spots | LED spotlámpa
  • Philips HUE myLiving Glisette BAR 3 LED spotlamp | LED spots | LED spotlámpa
  • Philips HUE myLiving Glisette BAR 2 LED ceiling spotlamp | LED spots | LED spotlámpa
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Philips myLiving Glisette LED spotlights

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Philips myLiving Glisette LED spotlights


Glisette LED spotlight – 5044111P0

Glisette Spots Bar 2 LED ceiling light – 5044211P0

Glisette Spots Bar 3 LED ceiling light – 5044311P0

Glisette Spots Bar 4 LED ceiling light – 5044411P0


Looking for a LED lamps?

Looking for easy-to-adjust and universally usable Philips lighting?


Philips HUE myLiving Glisette led spotlight



Choose the Philips myLiving Glisette led spotlights made using quality materials. The led light emits warm white lights and the Philips WarmGlow technology is very useful to control the brightness. The light of the lamp is dimmable, so it is suitable for emitting any mood lighting through dimming. All four models of the Glisette Spots can be found on Lajaecom online shop. It is produced with either one, two, three or four led lights.

The Philips myLiving Glisette led spotlights are energy efficient (A+) and uses significantly less energy than conventional light sources.



Philips HUE myLiving Glisette led spotlight night



Control the direction of light easily and effectively!

By manually adjusting the LED bulbs on the lamp, you can easily control the direction of the lighting, allowing its user to flexibly illuminate the premises as comfortable as it is possible to do so.


Easy to assemble!

Thanks to ClickFix technology, installing the lamp is a breeze. The user only needs to snap it into place.



Philips HUE myLiving Glisette spotlight night



The Philips myLiving Glisette spotlights are also ideal home décor accessories. Choose this superbly customized chrome spotlight and bring some relaxation to any room in your apartment or office. The lamp housing and support rod are made of plastic and metal.


Easy light mood!

It is easy to create always the favourite light mood with the Philips myLiving Glisette spotlights. The user can easily adjust between bright and warm white by turning the brightness control.

The materials are metal and aluminium and it has a smooth chrome colour. Its unique look can be a great décor element of any room in your home. Whether your goal is to renew the lighting style of the bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom the Glisette led spotlights are guaranteed satisfaction.



Philips HUE myLiving Glisette Spots Bar 3 led ceiling light



WarmGlow adjustable LED

The Philips myLiving Glisette spotlights make it easy to emit the quality of lighting effect. From strong white light (2700 K) to warm white light (2200 K). The LED lights not only emit but also reflect lustrum. It is a comfortable way to emit light which light is more pleasing to the eye. Not too bright and not filtered.


HUE spotlights are characterized by the highest level of energy saving. (A+)

This statement is also fully valid for the Philips myLiving Glisette led spotlights. Built-in LED light sources are reliable and efficient light sources, yet on average their energy consumption is eighty percent lower than conventional light sources. The lamp body is elongated (96,5 centimetres long), yet neither high nor wide (this statement only valid to the Bar 3 and Bar 4 spotlights).


ClickFix Technology

The Philips myLiving Glisette led spotlights can be assembled in three easy steps.

  1. Install the bracket
  2. Connect the wiring
  3. Attach the lamp holder to the bracket and after you hear the click, success!



Philips HUE myLiving Glisette Spots Bar 4 led ceiling light



This excellent spotlight has two years of warranty. This spotlight is expected to operate for 30.000 hours. This means thirty years of usage with an average of three hours of use per day. Lajaecom’s product offerings have a 30-day-money-payback-guarantee.


Product technical details:

Colour: chrome

Recommended usage: living room, bedroom, kitchen

Materials of supports: metal / plastic

International protection code: IP20, protection class I.

Style: modern

Number and type of bulbs: 4 built-in LED bulbs

Total power: 18 W (individual power of bulbs 4,5 W)

Energy efficiency class: A+

Bulb life: 30.000 hours

Luminous flux: 2000 lm

Equivalent bulb power: 41 W

Power source type: AC

Input voltage: 220-240 V

AC input frequency: 50-60 Hz


Delivery information:

Free of charge:

The Netherlands (2-4 working days)

Belgium (3-5 working days)

Luxembourg (3-5 working days)

Germany (3-5 working days)

Denmark (4-6 working days)

Poland (4-6 working days)

Czech Republic (4-6 working days)

Austria (4-6 working days)

Environmentally-Friendly Home Delivery Service to Hungary (9-10 working days)


Ireland (4-5 working days) costs: € 5-10

Sweden (4-5 working days) costs: € 2,50-10

Finland (5-6 working days) costs: € 5-10

Baltic States (5-6 working days) costs: € 5-10

Slovakia (5-6 working days) costs: € 5-10

Hungary (5-6 working days) costs: € 2,50-10

Croatia (5-6 working days) costs: € 4,50-12,50

Slovenia (5-6 working days) costs: € 5-10

Italy (5 working days) costs: € 2,50-10

France (5 working days) costs: € 2-5

Spain (5 working days) costs: € 3-3,50

Portugal (5-6 working days) costs: € 3,50-9.

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