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Urbanista Tokyo Plus wireless earbuds

€36,95 €49,95 -27% KI


Urbanista Tokyo Plus wireless earbuds

€36,95 €49,95 -27% KI


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Urbanista Tokyo Plus wireless earbuds

Models: Moon Walk Silver (Airline Edition), Dark Clown Black


The Urbanista Tokyo Plus Bluetooth headsets provide the completely wireless music listening and the total freedom of movement in a reassuring way. The Tokyo Plus has four hours of operation. The Urbanista Tokyo Plus wireless earbuds are great partners for active and dynamic lifestyles because it provides seamless usage due to the Bluetooth 5.0 transmission technology.

FAST and easy mobile call answering with the built-in microphone and remote control so its user can stay connected to smartphones with ease.

This wireless earphone is lightweight and weighs just over 13 grams. The Urbanista Tokyo Plus Bluetooth earbuds are unobtrusive, comfortable and high-tech. Easy to be used freely and safely anywhere, during any activity.



Urbanista Tokyo Plus tech details



The battery of the headset has a maximum operating time of four hours and it can be fully charge three more times without need for a main powers supply by the case that is a powerbank at once. The Urbanista Tokyo Plus provides true wireless music experience and freedom. It is compatible with both iOS and Android smart devices. The Bluetooth 5.0 data transmission technology ensures a precise and fast connection. Enjoy the true wireless music experience and hands-free phone conversations and get the most out of your time!



Urbanista Tokyo Plus Moon Walk Silver wireless earbuds



It has never been easier and more reliable to use voice assistance and phone conversations on the go. The Tokyo Plus earbuds provides a smooth phone call handling experience because it can be easily connected to SIRI and Google Now Apps.



Urbanista Tokyo Plus wireless Bluetooth earbuds



The IPX4 water and sweat resistance provides plenty of space for the user of Tokyo Plus wireless earbuds. Both the silver and the black version of the Urbanista wireless earbuds are modern and elegant. The multifunction button is a prime solution for coordinating music and call listening.

Enjoy true wireless stereo effect. The left and right channels are separated and each functions as a complete wireless device.

Choose the Urbanista Tokyo Plus wireless earbuds and enjoy the superior sound quality, safety and comfort that these Bluetooth headsets can provide to its users.



Urbanista Tokyo Plus Dark Clown Black wireless earbuds


Drive diameter: 4 millimetres

Frequency transmission range: 20 Hz to 20 kHz

Wireless distance: 10 meters

Net product weight: 13 grams

Gross product weight: 45 grams

Data transfer technology: Bluetooth 5.0

Maximum operating time: 4 hours

Recharge time: 2 hours

Maximum standby time: 100 hours

Details: Silicone bells (small, medium, large), carrying case with incorporated powerbank (three extra charges are available)

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows


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